Campaign for Wool launched in Manhattan for U.S. markets

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In late September, midtown Manhattan’s historic green space, Bryant Park, was transformed to launch the Campaign for Wool into the U.S. interiors market. The fountain became a fantastic wool sculpture; trees were wrapped in wool felt; carpets, upholstery and bedding brought a riot of color; and the stars of the show were the real-life sheep, which is where the wool story all begins—completely natural, renewable and sustainable.

The Campaign for Wool seeks to build an understanding of the natural sustainability of wool as a fiber type, as well as its beauty and performance for interior textile applications. Wool is a natural, renewable and sustainable fiber with both environmental and intelligent performance benefits. It preserves its beautiful appearance longer due to its natural crimp which prevents flattening and resists wear. Its luxurious drape and stretch make it the perfect accommodating to the curves and contours of sculptured furniture shapes. Wool is also a breathable fiber, allowing total user comfort in all seasons, while being inherently flame retardant.

U.K.-based textile innovator Camira Fabrics was the Campaign for Wool corporate sponsor for upholstery at the launch. Camira’s director of business development Paul Bennotti attended the event and commented: “It’s not every day that Bryant Park in New York City becomes a pasture for sheep. What a great way to bring the Camira brand to the New York design community! The Campaign for Wool event was a big hit and will be remembered for bringing the benefits of wool to the public in a very dynamic way.”

Source: Camira Fabrics


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    One of the best things to be said of wool is the Sheep dosent have to lose its life like Cattle does for its leather. Just think God feeds it with grass and all is left is to make sure the sheep is healthy and the wolves are kept at bay, hu.

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