Commodore Ute receives 2012 International Achievement Award

Award of Excellence | Douglas Auto and Marine Upholstery | Hastings, NZ

The client wished to upgrade the interior trim and seat comfort of his 2008 Commodore Ute.

The client approached us without firm ideas. After extensive discussions and looking at options online he settled on a black and red leather re-trim with embroidered panels. The seats were to be re-shaped to give it a sports-style form and better holding. The final design of the seat and interior was drawn up on the computer for client sign-off. In association with another firm certified for airbag work, the seat covers and door card panels were fabricated using leather specifically designed for vehicles. With the seat having a side airbag in the backrest, it was crucial to ensure that any new cover made matches the vehicle specification for airbag deployment. This specification, which determines the blend of thread to be used, is different for every vehicle and model. Failure to deploy in an accident being traced back to stitching that does not meet the required specification could lead to serious litigation against our company. Seats were stripped and the desired sports shape constructed with foam, taking care to create an identical pair of seats. Door cards were removed and stripped. Softening and moulding of the leather was necessary for it to fit snugly around the angular shapes. Leather covers were then fitted making sure of a snug fit with all leather panels in exactly the right position. Each step had a level of complexity and required great care.

The client was very satisfied and drove off with a grin on his face.


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