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  • The Flexaust Flx-ThaneĀ® MD Polyurethane Dust Collection Hose is clear, flexible and puncture-resistant for use in large woodworking production facilities. Photo: Flexaust

    New Flexaust dust collection hose

    Flexible, compressible and puncture-resistant hose released for use in large woodworking production facilities.

  • Photo: Flexaust

    Industrial vacuum hose from Flexaust

    Flexible hose handles a wide range of fluid, ventilation and material handling applications.

  • Free design application for marketing

    Quark Promote is a free design application made for people with no design experience.

  • Industrial sewing equipment

    Sewmaster Inc. offers a wide range of industrial sewing machines and tables.

  • Improved sewing machine

    The STH-8BLD-3 has been improved to better serve upholstery work.

  • Pliers for pulling and stripping

    Pro Upholstery Pliers designed to strip down auto, boat and furniture upholstery.

  • Zipper jig

    The ZSJ Zipper Jig from Manart Hirsch makes installing sliders on YKK zipppers a breeze.

  • Sewing machine stand

    Unicraft's new sewing machine stand is designed for 25-inch and 30-inch bed walking foot machine.

  • Pinking machine

    Swatch Boss machines from Sewmaster are made from fine-quality steel and allow thousands of perfectly pinked, ravel-proof samples to be produced in minutes.

  • Heated adhesive applicator

    The PAM 700KD Cartridge Applicator from PAM Fastening Technology applies adhesive to vinyl, plastic and rubber.

  • Innovative furniture stripper

    The StripBit quickly and efficiently removes fabric, batting, tacks and staples from furniture, leaving a bare frame.

  • 3-D modeling software

    TouchCAD 3-D modeling software converts complex three-dimensional models into drawings and cut files ready for production.

  • Customizable sheeting machine

    The EZ Sheeter Sheeting Machine from Pinnacle Converting Equipment Inc. creates rectangles of fabric from rolled materials.

  • Desktop printer for custom decorating

    The Brother GT-541 can be used to custom-print pillows, curtains and other cotton and cotton/poly home decorating items using water-based pigment inks that withstand repeated washings.

  • Fabric roller and cutter

    The Econo from Creative Companies efficiently unrolls, rerolls and cuts fabrics, including stretchy and woven types.

  • Using social media to promote business offerings and connect with customers

    The explosion of social networking websites has created the ability to communicate and get information instantly through the internet without any cost. You may be missing a great opportunity if you are not using social media to promote your business' services. There are hundreds of social networking websites available for you and your customers to use that can be helpful in sharing information and creating relationships.

    Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are all great social media websites that can help you connect with your customers, create buzz and gain more business. It's free to become a member of each, and it's easy to create a profile and enter information about your company. Each site also enables you to post pictures, videos and website links for additional information.

    Some fabricators have found these social media websites to be very successful marketing tools. Awnings of Tulsa, in Oklahoma, utilizes Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to promote its business. It has helped them gain new customer contacts and create brand awareness to potential customers in their region.

    Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are just three of several social networking websites available for you to use to promote your company. For tips on how to use these sites, click here.

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