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  • Aria™ metal hardware line

    Finestra® Decorative Hardware introduced a new line of fashionable metal hardware.

  • Embroidery adhesive

    Camie-Campbell released Camie 305 Embroidery Adhesive.

  • Sanitized® economical and ecological antimicrobial product

    SANITIZED AG launched Sanitized® T20-19 in the North American market.

  • Non-toxic stain remover

    WineOFF and CoffeeOFF offer natural options for removing tough stains.

  • Upholstery spray paint

    People can now change the color of a couch using a spray paint for upholstered products.

  • Adjustable tubing joiner

    Lever Lock Joiner provides a secure, easily-adjusted grip for adjustable support poles.

  • Colorful, fire-retardant thread

    Ultimate K fire-retardant thread from Liberty Threads can be colorized in any shade.

  • Fresh-smelling auto interior adhesive

    Interior adhesive bonds to carpets, speaker boxes, trunk liners and kick panels.

  • Headliner adhesive

    Quick Fix Headliner Adhesive is specially formulated for headliner repair.

  • Vacuum infused adhesive

    Westech Aerosol's Infuzene uses a vacuum infusion process to create lightweight, durable fiberglass components.

  • PTFE thread

    olarFix PTFE sewing thread, distributed by Quality Thread and Notions Co., is suitable for outdoor applications, including retractable awnings and marine enclosures.

  • UV-resistant thread

    The Right Twist line of Solar Thread PTFE sewing thread, distributed by Pennsylvania Thread Co., works with double needle machines, and new black and white threads meet Berry Amendment standards.

  • Carpet binding system

    Instabind is an instant carpet binding system that can turn carpet remnants into area rugs.

  • Dirt-resistant fabric finish

    Capstone by DuPont Chemical Solutions is an environmentally-friendly finish for fabrics that resists dirt.

  • Light-cured, nonyellowing adhesive

    Tru-Bond from Devcon is a light-cured, pressure-sensitive adhesive for use on metal, glass, ceramic, plastic, polyethylene and polypropylene.

  • Bold, innovative and eco-friendly fabrics

    The latest outdoor fabric trends provide unlimited possibilities to dress up ordinary spaces. Incorporating innovative, bold and eco-friendly fabrics into your design can turn your client’s space into the trendiest spot on the block.

    Bright colors paired with neutral colors can make an outdoor space standout. The High Point Collection™ of Sunbrella® Decorative Fabrics offers numerous fabric colors to match a variety of outdoor spaces. Bright, stylish High Point pattern Bangladesh Stratosphere, when used on cushions or an accent pillow, creates a warm and inviting outdoor environment.

    Bring the style of indoor fabrics outside with innovative outdoor fabrics that are high quality and colorful. High-quality outdoor fabrics are water-repellent, mildew-resistant and provide premium comfort. Tri Vantage offers many outdoor furniture fabrics that are rich in color and texture, and withstand outdoor conditions and the sun’s UV rays.

    The latest generation of fabrics is made of organic cotton, bamboo and other recycled materials, blending texture, style and color. Colored dyes in these fabrics are organically treated, color-resistant and durable. They can withstand outdoor weather conditions and won’t fade under the sun. Fabrics from the Phifertex® GeoBella™ collection are eco-friendly and recycled, as well as recyclable. Designed for deep seating applications, indoors or out, these fabrics feature a soft, touchable texture and are ideal for creating a “green” space.

    While trends and innovations are constantly changing, environmentally friendly fabrics are here to stay. For more tips from Tri Vantage, click here.

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